With mobilephone getting popular, people has change the way they interact with one another–text buddies through messaging application and making video calls through this application too. It allow individuals to send and receieve messages instantly,which greatly improve our communication efficiency,particularly in work or some urgent moment.
way2sms is among the toppest messaging application that gives the below service. Would you like to observe how people say about this? Let us see some overview of its customers and make your choice whether or not to download it!

* Some occasions it is not working correctly.. It shows searching option only,cant search any contact.so searching become hard. Smtimes its not fast enough. Although not whatsoever bad. Its helpful too. Ought to be easy to use too.

* Its really annoying the new edition from the application can’t verify the mobile number. I enter mobile number press the button to begin with there’s no waiting indicator in order to avoid seeing if I must wait or its not doing anything on press. I’ve attempted many occasions then in some way it’s send me the verification code then it is not able to see the code instantly, no trouble I joined it by hand and press the button then after couple of minutes it states ‘sorry we’re not able to see your inbox’ .

* Best application, which supplies dual services @s sms application and news application, which Updates us with higher information and attempts to cover many news in our country and also the world. Aspire to see more news to become covered :) Thanks !! ^^

* This really is awesome application for user to giving free sms to anybody.. I really like this application. There’s no trouble with service and interface..but i wish to suggest for any little addition

1). Inform for DND customers heOrshe’s on DND and won’t receive your sms (as like hike) so the sender can contact by with every other method of communication.

2). Delivery report from the sms to ensure that user could be make sure monosodium glutamate continues to be delivered to that individual.. next 5 stars is going to be yours.

way2sms download and much more
communication apps download in world wide web.9apps.com!

Menambah RAM Untuk Ponsel Kesayangan

Menambah RAM Untuk Ponsel Kesayangan

Memang Cara Menambah RAM di Android atau Tambah RAM Android itu tidak terlalu sulit kalau anda sudah terbiasa oprek Android anda, Cara Melegakan RAM Android sebenernya sama saja anda hanya membuang Barang yang tidak penting di android anda dan Cara Membersihkan RAM Android juga basic nya sama dengan melegakan RAM di AndroidPerangkat Android Adalah Perangkat yang Mungkin semua orang miliki. Antivirus
download ram booster memang banyak tersedia di
android store , mulai dari yang
Download Clean Master dan sudah lama ada ataupun antivirus
ram booster apk dan menawarkan keamanan untuk ponsel androidmu, namun anda juga harus cermat dalam memilih antivirus. Memang sangat banyak sekali di Cari Orang karena Kalau anda Root Android anda maka anda akan Kehilangan Garansi dan Juga Terjadinya Bootloop Akan lebih besar Untuk Lengkap Cerita Root Bisa baca Fungsi Root Android Tapi kalau root Lebih mantap hasilnya kawan Karena Benar-benar anda ambil alih ADMIN jadinya anda bisa Full Ganti Semua aplikasi yang ada di Android anda dan Semua anda bisa modif semau anda tapi lain kalau anda hanya menggunakan Produk Perusahaan anda Di batasi. pengguna ponsel android berlomba-lomba untuk meningkatkan performa ponsel android mereka dengan
driver boster .

Memiliki Memory RAM yang Kecil Di Android memang sangat menyusahkan Sekali apalagi pada Zama ini Yang hampir semua harus menggunkan RAM yang Tinggi kalau tidak menggunakan RAM dengan Kapasitas Tinggi maka Tidak akan Jalan Game atau aplikasi yang Kita mau Pakai itu sangat menyusahkan sekali, apalagi Android yang harganya murah biasanya RAM nya hanya 512 itu sangat standard sekali, Android anda yang sekarang aja 800 MB RAM masih kurang Jo$$ jadi anda Tambah RAMnya, Tapi seperti yang anda bilang diatas Menambah Memory RAM di Android bukan berarti Menambah Secara Fisik hanya Virtual Memory yang dapat membantu Sedikit saja. Karena smartphone android bekerja layaknya komputer mini, hanya saja tidak setangguh PC tetapi sama mudahnya menjadi target serangan.

Menggunakan Aplikasi RAM Manager adalah APK aplikasi Yang mampu untuk Menambah Kapastias RAM Android kamu, Di kala adroid anda sudah mempunyai akses Root Dengan menggunakan aplikasi ini kecepatan Kinerja Android anda Jadi Optimal untuk memasang APlikasi ini bisa di download di Android Store. Jadi, anda harus berhati-hati dalam memilih aplikasi sebelum menginstalnya pada perangkat android anda, sebab tak sedikit pula pembuat aplikasi membuat aplikasinya hanya untuk tujuan hacking.

Sebenernya Anda bisa bermain Game Spes tinggi Dengan RAM yang Kecil Yaitu Dengan Cara Anda Matikan Animated Anda dan Menonaktifkan semua aplikasi Yang berjalan kalau anda mau Bermain Game jadinya nanti yang Terpakai di RAM anda Jadi kecil, pokoknya anda matikan Semua Apps yang berjalan di Android anda jangan sampai Ada yang berjalan satupun. Dengan demikian anda tidak perlu khawatir lagi untuk menginstal aplikasi pada smartphone anda. Karena kinerja antivirus akan mendeteksi setiap program jahat yang terdapat pada aplikasi sebelum anda menginstalnya. Dalam artikel berikut ini Kdrcyber punya beberapa rekomendasi dari Aplikasi AntiVirus Terpercaya yang bisa anda gunakan untuk meningkatkan keamanan pada smartphon android keandangan anda.

Amazon-a shopping app

Amazon-a shopping app

Shopping on the web needs are increasing daily. Amazon . com . com is considered the most popupar and greatest online shoping website nowadays.
Amazon App found in mobile also catching costomer’s eyes now.But wait, how do its costomer contemplate it, start to see the following and it’ll allow you to find out more in regards to the shopping nuances of amazon . com . com.

After carefully building from the search using filters opening and considering one of the recognized items using back button Does not Return To THE CAREFULLY BUILT SEARCH, But Rather For The INITIAL BLANK SEARCH. REALLY!! Seriously DEV TEAM, Do The Repair!

* Oh how come i hear you ask for therefore much utilization of my private phone data. When I have retrieved my voucher, I’ll unistall the applying. There’s absolutely You don’t have to obtain access to my contact, emails, SMS etc. You are a shopping site not the CIA.

* I possibly could not be dissatisfied and disappointed inside the up-to-date application! Just like a seller it is vital to be capable of start to see the rank of each and every item that was once beneath the features and particulars tab, but also for some (and dumb) reason they forget about show this. I not require to utilize the amazon . com . com website on my small mobile phone to look for the retailers rank….this makes virtually no sense in my opinion. Why hold the application whatsoever basically have to utilize the web site on my small mobile phone to look for the data I would like which was once round the application.

* I’ve been thinking for a while because the Amazon app would wake up-to-date with better search features. The applying works well nonetheless it is not super convenient for choosing the best cost on things. Due to this, I frequently choose Ebay instead of Amazon . com . com even though i have had a prime acct. Once the search /sort / filter functions get fixed where they work effectively, I’d give 5 stars.

Seeing most significantly this, we may understand that even famous product has several problems inside their development path,so customer review plays an important role in the way of improving these product.I am hoping this publish about customer review may help both product produces as well as the clients.

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shopping apps download in internet.9apps.com.

Daily apps – weather and news

Daily apps – weather and newsDaily apps – weather and news

Today I’ll introduce 2 kinds of apps which we might depend inside it everyday. They’re
weather apps and news apps.We could perform with out them, nevertheless they create our existence better.

Accuweather by Accuweather.com might be a free option that gives you a lot of the key information, including extended predictions, hourly predictions, combined with the application can also be properly designed. Capabilities include radar, Android Placed on support, combined with the MinuteCast feature that enables you check on precipitation across the minute basis (believed, clearly). The using itself was renovated and in addition it looks great. The widget support maybe there’s, despite the fact that the symbols unquestionably really are a tad unimaginative.

Eye is the one other
weather app which coming Weather by CITC is obviously a credit card applicatoin our clients requested for for we try out and apparently , it’s excellent. The interface might be a flat matte design that seems great combined with the application includes all of your most fundamental features, including current weather, predictions, and extended predictions. In addition, you’ll find Dashclock support if you want that. The widget selection is great and you’ll personalize the weather symbols too. It’s somewhat simple comparatively speaking, nonetheless it’times of india apps great should you’ve just got something quick and easy.

Newshunt app is obviously an incorporation of newspapers in lots of languages, both British and regional. The using may be acquired on all platforms. But more significantly, it is the latest player to try and the Indian e-book scenario. It collects tales from over 100 regional Indian newspapers created in British plus 10 Indian languages. It’s neat, accessible, and helpful.You’re going to get
newshunt download at 9Apps.It’s as hot as
times of india app.

The using sports a simple interface and also on the homepage there’s all the all the newspapers and news sites while using application. This really is frequently separate outs newspapers while using languages, like on striking British gives you a list of British newspapers. Apart from British, the regional languages it supports include Hindi, Malayalam, Oriya, Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, Marathi and Kannada among others.

A list of newspapers is extremely wide-different. For instance, one of the British news dailies and sites, you will have use of sites like Hindustan Occasions, The Indian Express, Mid Day, The Hindu, IBNLive, cricketnext and tech2 amongst others. What’s missing will be the newspapers and sites within the Occasions Group.

WhatsApp vs hike messenger_ztq

WhatsApp versus hike messenger

the application provides a fresh option to other im clients available and it is a welcome accessory for the swimming pool. So the application is fairly nascent and doesn’t offer video calling support like Nimbuzz or perhaps voice recording as provided by #WhatsApp Messenger# and ChatON, however it does generate a quality performance at how it is best – texting, instant or else.

It’s available across all major platforms – Apple, Android, Home windows Phone as well as on various Nokia Asha Full Touch products namely Asha 305, 306, 308, 309 and 311 (It’s likely to launch soon for Rim too) that can help it gain the required attention among its current rivals.

Aside from certain issues like we pointed out earlier, the application appears to provide an all natural consumer experience. The organization has guaranteed to rectify all issues so we hope the application receives timely updates later on to provide a more refined experience across all platforms.

#Whatsapp free# versus #Hike Messenger# both of them are best Texting application but Hike versus Whatsapp Comparison is helpful to understand what is Top Android Applications or best Messenger, WhatsApp versus hike versus viber, hike versus WhatsApp versus we chat these type Comparison you can observe on the web but Whatsapp versus #Hike app# Comparison is most fascinating for those, Everybody wanna learn about Hike versus Whatsapp using their features, You will know people using all type popular Messenger within their cell phones, But everybody wanna give priority to those applications which getting good points after Comparison.

Before a while rubbing is first selection of every mobile user, All telecom provider was generating hugs money every single day by rubbing fee, However time is transformed, Now people using applications of Texting. Now for those who have internet plan you’ll be able to enjoy messenger and may send limitless messages to similar application user. Now day many new applications starting for send free SMS.You can download them from #Android app store#.

How to Blow Dry Curly Hair

How to Blow Dry Curly Hair

Blow drying is one of many hair care techniques. Its biggest benefit for curly hair is that it keeps the curls under control, and makes them manageable. Many curly hair bearers know its importance, and do it on a regular basis. However, many among them end up having rough, frizzy hair over time. This is because, they do not know the correct method. If you find your case to be similar to that of such unfortunate people, or are an amateur in the art of using a blow dryer, you have stumbled upon the right article. Find the stepwise instructions, to go about it, given below.

Without a Diffuser

Step 3: Right after shampooing, apply a deep or heavy conditioner on your wet hair. Using one that is meant specifically for curly hair will work best.

Step 4: Leave the conditioner on for about 3 5 minutes. This will allow good absorption.

Step 5: Wash off the conditioner well. Keep rinsing till the hair does not feel slippery.

Step 6: Run your fingers through the strands, and massage your scalp.

Step 7: Wrap your wet hair in a towel for a couple of minutes. The towel will absorb excess of moisture.

Step 8: Apply a heat protective, blow drying lotion to protect those gorgeous locks from excessive heat. Apply it in sections to get the full effect on your hair.

Step 9: Apply a good quality hair mousse. Avoid its application on the scalp or hair roots, as you may end up with oily
wholesale Indian hair or greasy hair.

Step 10: Try twisting your hair strands with your fingers. This will give a smooth effect after drying.

Step 11: Set the blow dryer on a high temperature, but keep the fan speed low.

Step 12: Blow dry your hair, beginning from the lower part. Do not over dry your hair. Let it remain slightly damp.

With a Diffuser

Blow drying curly hair, without a diffuser, may make it frizzy and unmanageable. Therefore, use a quality diffuser. While performing all the above mentioned steps, fit a diffuser to the end of the blow dryer in step 11. Make sure that the diffuser is fixed well, and cover up the stream of air completely.

Straightening Curls With a Blow Dryer

You can use a blow dryer to make your curly hair look straight for a couple of hours. Perform the first 8 steps as explained above.

Step 9: Divide your hair in small sections, and clip them
hair vendors up separately. This will help you work on them individually.

Step 10: Take a section from the front, and comb it well with a thick brush starting from the roots.

Step 11: Pull it away from your head. Keep it stretched and straight while you blow dry it.

Step 12: Run the dryer on
7a grade hair wholesale the underside of the section first. Blow drying hair in this manner will straighten your hair.

Step 13: Repeat the above steps for each section to straighten your entire hair.

There are very small differences between the wrong and right techniques of blow drying curly hair. You need to understand these differences well. Blow dry curly hair only when you have enough time on your hands. Air drying curly hair might not do much good to you, but will definitely save your hair from becoming frizzy, dull, and rough. The look of your hair reflects your personality to a great extent. Try to keep them clean, conditioned, shiny, and full of life always, with the help of the above methods.

Kehebatan Aplikasi Edit Foto

Kehebatan Aplikasi Edit Foto

Mungkin yang suka dengan dunia fotografi atau sekedar edit edi foto untuk perangkat Android dan iOS sudah mengenal
camera 360 versi baru atau yang biasa disebut Camera 360 tentunya sudah banyak bukan yang
download camera 360 free . Camera 360 ini merupakan sebuah aplikasi fotografi yang bisa diunduh langsung di Playstore (untuk Android), maupun di iTunes (untuk Apple).
aplikasi camera 360 sudah digunakan oleh pengguna Android dan iOS antara 100 juta hingga 500 Juta pengguna. Pertanyaan yang sering muncul adalah, seberapa fantastiskah sampai sampai camera 360 begitu populer ? Dengan menggunakan Aplikasi Camera 360 anda dapat mengedit atau mengatur foto dengan ratusan efek yang menarik dan juga filter foto, tak salah apabila aplikasi ini menjadi aplikasi andalan para penggemar foto selfie. Bahkan wajah yang biasa-biasa saja mampu disulap menjadi cantik oleh
aplikasi android ini. Camera 360 juga menyediakan Cloud Album, anda bisa menyimpan hasil jepretan kamera 360 secara online sehingngga cukup bisa menghemat
kartu memori dalam anda.

Camera 360 adalah layanan online yang memungkinkan kamu untuk mengedit foto dengan memberikan efek sekali klik saja. Bagi beberapa pengguna smartphone mungkin sudah mengetahui aplikasi Camera 360. Kini aplikasi Camera tidak hanya bisa kamu nikmati di smartphone tetapi juga secara online di web. Camera360 merupakan salah satu aplikasi untuk edit foto yang banyak digunakan oleh para pengguna iPhone, iPad, dan iPod Touch. Aplikasi buatan Pinguo Inc. Asal China ini dilengkapi banyak sekali efek seperti effects, selfie, easy cam, scenes, funny, audio, tilt-shift, dan color-shift dan banyak lagi yang bisa memudahkan kita untuk mengedit foto dengan cepat.

Untuk memanjakan para penggunanya, Camera360 juga menyediakan aplikasi online yaitu web.camera360.com dengan fitur editing foto sederhana dilengkapi dengan efek foto menarik diantaranya DreamLike, Magic Skin, Magic Color, LOMO, Retro dan banyak lagi. Web Camera 360 adalah layanan online yang memungkinkan kamu untuk mengedit foto dengan memberikan efek sekali klik saja. Bagi beberapa pengguna smartphone mungkin sudah cukup familiar dengan aplikasi ini, Sebagai salah satu negara paling sosial di dunia, orang Indonesia sangatlah menyukai aplikasi edit foto. Aplikasi ini dilengkapi banyak sekali fitur dan filter foto yang bisa membuat pecinta foto menghabiskan waktu berjam-jam tiap harinya untuk memperindah foto mereka.

Saat ini aplikasi Camera360 memiliki delapan jenis efek kamera: effects, selfie, easy cam, scenes, funny, audio, tilt-shift, dan color-shift. Anda bisa menggunakan ratusan filter dari effects, mulai dari kategori magic skin untuk memuluskan kulit dalam foto (misalnya supaya jerawat tidak kelihatan), sketch (filter arsiran pensil), dan retro (filter foto jaman dulu). Anda masih bisa mendownload banyak kategori efek lainnya secara gratis di sana. Masing-masing jenis kamera lainnya seperti selfie dan funny memiliki filter fotonya tersendiri. Apabila Anda tidak ingin pusing dan ingin hasil yang bagus dan cepat, maka kamera easy cam bisa menjadi pilihan Anda. Anda bisa mengaburkan background foto dengan kamera tilt-shift, dan mengatur warna apa saja yang muncul pada kamera color-shift. Apabila Anda ingin memasukkan suara di dalam foto, gunakan kamera audio.

six backup items to keep your hair in check when the weather ruins it

six backup items to keep your hair in check when the weather ruins it

Chicago weather is unpredictable, which usually means Chicagoans can’t plan how their hair will look by the end of the day. One day the Windy City is showing off its nickname. The next day it may be forty degrees followed by a day of seventy degree weather. But rainy, windy days can be the worst to try to keep your hair maintained. This is why hair conscious people should keep the following items on hand to rescue their hair when the weather would rather mess it up.

Hair chopsticks (not pictured): Comb your hair straight down and twirl it around until it connects completely to the back of your hair. Then, use hair chopsticks to hold it in place. It’s a decorative way to pull your hair back. Be careful of using hair chopsticks with decorations on them. If you’re in a business suit but only have hair chopsticks with butterflies on them, it may look a little out of place.

Ponytail holders: Avoid rubber bands that yank out more hair than they hold into place. Use loose ponytail holders that can easily be pulled off, and make sure they stretch enough so your hair can be held into place.

Hair pick: No, it’s not the ’70s, and you don’t have to have an afro to use a pick. With thicker hair, hair picks don’t stick out so much. While I would strongly advise against using picks in formal and business locations, twisting your hair into a bun and holding it in place with the pick can look really cute if it’s fastened properly.

Clips: Here’s the tricky part about clips. If your hair is really thick or doesn’t curl well, the tips of the hair will shoot straight up in the air. It looks a little juvenile that way. Avoid your hair pointing north by turning the tips of it so it’s still inside the clip area. Leave a few strands out to compliment your face. Using a roller or a curling iron on the tips of the hair makes your hair look a little more dressy.

Barrette and stick (pictured left): I like the leather, oval barrettes that fasten hair in place with a small stick. Unlike clips, you don’t usually have to
http://www.tedhair.com/virgin-brazilian-remy-hair-c-1.html constantly fasten them into place.

Bobby pins, hair pins: While bobby pins are great for fastening French rolls into place, they can be unattractive if unintentionally noticeable. If you want to use them to decorate your hair instead of just holding it in place, try using the pins that open in the shape of the letter "v" with one side that’s fatter than the other. Some people like to wear different color pins to purposely show them off. Keep neutral colors like black, light brown and dark brown to match different outfits. Avoid wearing too many of them. One on each side is enough.

No matter what hair accessory you use, keep one on hand in your purse. Wouldn’t you hate to wear a great outfit, great shoes and your hair looks like you forgot to do it? Don’t let the rain or wind ruin your style.

Chicago Black Hair and Health Examiner

Both of Shamontiel’s grandmothers weren’t playing around when it came to hairdos. Her mother found great joy in lovingly treating her as a real life Barbie head. Her paternal grandmother would truck her along to the beauty salon every two weeks from pre school age to her pre teen years. Never a big fan of long hair (although her hair repeatedly grows to her back), by the time she hit high school, she was constantly getting her hair cut, clipped, feathered and stacked. The more a person is around professionals, the more she learns. She still respects hair professionals and doesn’t claim to be one. The tips below are ones she’s learned over the years or interviews with those who do it best. Her hair care tips primarily focus on relaxed hair and/or general cosmetic health tips.

Contact me

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Punk Hairstyles for Girls

Punk Hairstyles for Girls

Today’s generation simply loves being trendy and they keep trying out new fashion styles that set them apart from the rest. They are not afraid of experimenting with new hairstyles and are ever ready to set a bold example. The latest trend nowadays is punk hairstyles for girls. A perfect hairstyle truly enhances a girl’s beauty and confidence. Punk hairstyle is the most popular teen hairstyle. Punk hairstyles originated in 1970s’ and even today, they are a popular trendy hairstyle. Some assume that this is a new hairstyle, but this haircut has been around since 1970s and is still going great.

Punk hairstyles are unique, funky, and very interesting. Punk hairstyles have been sported as a gesture of rebellion. This hair updo is known for its colorful and erratic style. Generally, punk hairstyle is known to be experimented with many different colors. Punk hairstyles suit those who can carry it with style and confidence and will suit almost all face shapes.

The best part of this hairstyle is that it can be worn by everybody. At the same time, with slight changes as per the wish of the wearer, it can give a totally new look. Let’s take a look at the following punk hairstyles:

Press F5 to restart the slideshow.

Skate Punk Style

This punk hairstyle is generally a short hairstyle where the hair is trimmed unevenly and the ends of the hair are dyed with different colors. This punk hairstyle is known to give a cute and naughty look. Kelly Osbourne is the one who made this hairstyle famous.

Death or Horror Punk Hairstyle

This hairstyle resembles a Gothic look. Firstly, the hair is dyed in either black or black blue colors, and later spiked in Mohawk style or kept in prom punk hairstyle.

This is one of the punk hairstyles that is mostly tried by the girls wanting to keep long hair. Here, half the hair is dyed, in different light or neon colors. This hairstyle is famous because of celebrity Avril Lavigne.

This is the most adventurous hairstyle tried in 1980s’. In this hairstyle, by using gel, the entire
wholesale hair hair is spiked in center and dyed in mostly violet or crimson colors. Later, the hair is dyed by vibrant purple or pink colors.

This hairstyle is also known as Mohican hairstyle where both sides of the head are shaved and a strip of hair is left in the center. Usually, the hair at the top is spiked and also dyed with different colors. Mohawk hairstyle is popular among men also. A good example of this famous celebrity haircut is the soccer player David Beckham. One of the popular Mohawk hairstyles for girls is called Chelsea Mohawk that includes bangs in front of the face. The Chelsea Hawk is the style of Mohawk most often worn by girls. This style is virtually the same as a traditional Mohawk but bangs are left in the front to frame the face. The other popular Mohawk types are:

Dread Hawk: Here, the dreadlocks are created by styling the hair by pulling it back.

Liberty Spikes: Here the spikes are styled from the center of the head. These trendy hairstyle spikes resemble that of the statue of Liberty.

Reverse Mohawk: Here, the hair is shaved from the center of the head. The strips of hair are left on both sides of the head.

Side Hawk: This punk hairstyle creates a complete different look. Here, the hair at the back portion is shaved and spikes are created from the hair strip from one end of the ear to other.

Faux Hawk: Also called Fohawk, this is certainly the latest version of Mohawk hairstyle. Here, the sides are given shorter cut and the hair is allowed to grow longer in the middle of the head. Women can easily create different hairstyle by tying ponytails. Also, you can try different shapes with the use of gel or wax. This hairstyle is popular among the business class or working class as well as with the teens.

Bihawk: This is also a
facebook besthairbuy variation of Mohawk hairstyle. Here, two Mohawks are allowed to grow and are separated with shaved center lines in between and on the sides.

Trihawk: This hairstyle is similar to Bihawk.
wholesale brazilian hair Here, three hair strips are allowed to grow and they are separated in between by shaved portions.

Fanned Mohawk: This hairstyle is extremely popular variation where long hair strips in the center of the head are spiked and it looks like a fan. You can vary this hairstyle and opt for a curly fanned Mohawk or braided fanned Mohawk. But this hairstyle is extremely difficult to maintain.

Tips to Maintain Punk Hairstyles

One must remember before opting for punk rock hairstyles, that this hairstyle requires enormous amount of hair care products like gel or wax, hairspray, and intense colors. Also, you should take tips on coloring hair from an expert to avoid any damage to the hair. If you get a Mohawk hairstyle done for yourself then you will really need to maintain it regularly. Also, you need to shave the sides of the head regularly to maintain the desired look.

Punk hairstyles truly make a fashion statement for the teenagers. But, do remember to take advice from your professional hairstylist regarding the best punk hairstyle that will create a magical look for you.

Hair extensions for fun

Hair extensions for fun

Make sure your stylist is familiar with tape in, beaded, or clip in extensions. The extensions that require glue can sometimes damage the hair, especially if the glue is not keratin based. Not to mention
wholesale hair removal of glue extensions can sometimes leave the hair in shambles. Tape in extensions work well, and are a great investment because when your stylist removes them, they can be re taped and re used. Beaded extensions feel a little more comfortable on the scalp area and take a little more time, however the removal process leaves the hair in its best condition. These too can sometimes be kept and re used again. Now if you want the convenience of putting in or taking out the extensions any time you like, then clip ins are the way to go.

Ask your stylist and make sure the extensions are made of 100% human hair or you will not be able to use heat on them. This is extremely important if you plan to flat iron or curl. Your stylist should be able to give you tips to care for your extensions so that you get the most out of them, as they are quite an investment. If the hair seems pretty inexpensive, then it’s probably not human hair and thus you should beware!

Extensions are an awesome way to show off your wild personality without as much commitment, but the best part is that the bright colors will not fade. This is a great way to also test drive a color you haven’t been sure about getting. When receiving a color service with bright vibrant colors the hair must be pre lightened and then direct dye gets applied over top and because the hair has to be pre lightened it also means it fades quicker then just regular color. So sometimes extensions are easier because they cut down on maintenance factor.